Zero Waste Scotland welcomes new target

Zero Waste Scotland this week welcomed the launch of a new food waste reduction target as part of the Scottish Government’s new Circular Economy Stretegy: Making Things Last.

EU Environment Commissioner Karmenu Vella joined Environment Secretary Richard Lochhead to announce the launch of the strategy during a visit to the circular-model textiles enterprise Kalopsia in Edinburgh.

The Government aims to reduce food waste by 33 per cent by 2025, which will put Scotland on track to deliver the UN Sustainable Development Goal of halving food waste by 2050.

This builds dramatically on the 5.7% reduction achieved in Scotland since 2009.

Following the launch, Iain Gulland said: “I’m delighted that the Scottish Government has set such a ground-breaking and ambitious target for food waste.

“We must be bold when it comes to confronting the big issues of our generation.”