Community views sought for Laurencekirk Memorial Park

Laurencekirk Memorial Park
Laurencekirk Memorial Park

Volunteers at Laurencekirk Memorial Park are appealing for views from the community as they look to further expand and improve on some key areas at the facility.

They are currently working on a survey which is expected to be released online towards the end of this month or the beginning of next and hope as many people as possible complete it to ascertain as large a cross-section of the community’s views as possible.

Some of the questions are still being finalised as the volunteers liaison with users of the facility, including tennis players, football teams, skaters and bowling groups. They are also keen to hear from other groups, individuals and families that use the park.

The group decided to embark on the project after the success of the rejuvenation to the multi-sports courts, which has resulted in an increased number of families and individuals using it.

Some key areas have already been identified as potentially being improved, including the pavilion, car park, toilets, perimeter path, more play equipment, sport pitches and storage facilities. The list is not complete and the group are keen to hear other ideas.

The possible improvements and expansions are in the earliest of stages and will have to go through planning and funding procedures once the views of people in the area has been ascertained.

They are also hoping to form a committee to deal with all future issues relating to the park.

Peter Reid, one of the volunteers, said: “It would be great to get as many people from the community as involved as possible. The more people who get behind this the better.”