Former Mackie pupil tells of global competition

Fiona appeared on the front page of the Taranaki Daily News
Fiona appeared on the front page of the Taranaki Daily News

A former Mackie Academy pupil and Stonehaven local swung by the Mearns Leader office this week to tell us of her new life in New Zealand.

The ‘Land of the Long White Cloud’ is where she runs four gyms in New Plymouth and recently competed in a global competition.

Fiona Ross was flown to New York back in October as one of 10 finalists in the Life Fitness ‘personal trainers to watch’ competition.

The 49-year-old spoke about her time at the competition which saw her as the only entry chosen from the Austrialian and New Zealand region and featuring on the front page of the Taranaki Daily News.

While Fiona didn’t win the competition - as that was taken by a trainer from Brazil - she was one out of 1700 personal trainers from 40 countries who entered.

Fiona said: “It was a great competition.

‘‘My husband originally put me forward for it without me knowing and then I was chosen and had to submit a short video about what fitness meant to me.

‘‘The people in New York really cared about fitness and it was fantastic to see.”

Finalists were chosen based on their personal values, training philospohies and experience.

When asked about the changes and differences coming back to Stonehaven for a few days last week, the trained midwife said: “I had a run this morning in the icy conditions so it was pretty different than normal. S

‘‘Stonehaven, Scotland and New Zealand have a lot in common, however, as there is beautiful countryside in both.”