Match day experiences still safe

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Following the sentencing at Dundee Sheriff Court of Findlay Duncan and Nicholas Simmers, who both pled guilty to being in possession of smoke grenades at the Dundee Utd versus Aberdeen game on January 1, 2014, Chief Superintendent Adrian Watson, North Lead for Match Commanders, has issued the following statement:“It is fair to say, the match day experience is relatively still a very safe one across Scotland.

“This has undoubtedly been strengthened by the inception of Police Scotland, with previous force boundaries coming down, effectively allowing for a better flow of information around the trouble-makers that would tag themselves onto our clubs.

‘Police Scotland prides itself as an organisation that works closely with the clubs, football authorities and of course the fans themselves.

“These have been, to say the least, disturbing cases and it is incumbent upon me to remind the very few who may still contemplate involving themselves in such stupid, immature and reckless conduct that the over-whelming majority of fans want nothing to do with you and that we will continue to work with them and the clubs to bring you before the courts.”

A spokesman for Aberdeen Football Club said: “We support the decisions that have been made 100% and, as has previously been stated, there is absolutely no place for such behaviour in football and it must be eradicated as soon as possible.

‘‘We will continue to work with the police and the authorities to stamp out the small minority that are determined to spoil events for everyone else.”