Stonehaven Ladies still optimistic for season ahead

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The Stonehaven Ladies Football Club have had a slight setback in their first game of the season.

On Sunday February 12, the club played against Deeside Ladies at Mineralwell Park, Stonehaven and unfortunately lost 2-1.

Katy Townsend, a 6th year at Mackie Academy has been playing for Stonehaven since the age of 11.

Although it was a rough start to the season Katy seemed very positive about the game: “I thought it was a good start to the season as the team were really positive and we kept the determination up throughout the whole game” said Katy.

As the season finished in November last year the girls have been out of practice for a while and Katy admitted that this definitely played a role in the team’s loss.

Katy added: “As we haven’t played over winter I lost a little bit of match fitness but I tried my best for how fit I was,” she said. “I just wanted to start the season off on a high”.

Despite the loss Stonehaven certainly tried their best.

“There was a spell in the second half where we were creating triangles and making good play” said Katy.

In fact, the second half was much more favourable for Stonehaven as this is when Elise Smith, 20, from Aberdeen scored Stonehaven’s hard fought goal.

Fortunately, the game was just a so-called ‘friendly’ and not actually part of the league and so the girls aren’t in any big trouble. “It was pretty much just a game to develop fitness.”

Stonehaven player and S5 at Mackie Academy, Kirsten Johnstone said. “However, 2-1 is frustratingly close.”

The girls ended the last season on a high; spectacularly beating Tayside Ladies FC 8-2 in their final match, proving that as soon as Stonehaven Ladies get back into the swing of things they can surely achieve more.

This rough start has not seemed to diminish Stonehaven’s spirit and they will need to keep their motivation high as the girls have another ‘friendly’ against Edinburgh City Ladies FC this Sunday in Mineralwell Park.

Kirsten added: “I am excited because I have missed playing football over the winter” said Katy. “This loss have given me even more drive to succeed next weekend and defeat Edinburgh.”