Get fit for New Year

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Forget the strict New Year diet and strenuous exercise regime, if you are serious about getting healthy and staying active in 2011 don your trainers, grab some friends and embrace the great outdoors with jogscotland.

While many well-intended resolutions turn to guilty memories by February, jogscotland members are often gearing up for races, personal bests and goals as their new hobby progresses. So shed those extra Christmas pounds, meet new friends and get in shape all at the same time!

jogscotland is Scotland’s national recreational running network, with over 17,000 members across the country, from complete beginners to more advanced runners.

By following a gentle, progressive training programme in a supportive environment with like-minded people, jogscotland groups offer all the motivation you need to help you achieve and maintain your keep fit resolutions.

With over 360 jogging groups across the country, there’s a wide choice of groups, times and venues to choose from.

So, if the running bug has yet to bite and you feel like you could use the extra motivation and support that running in a group provides, look no further than your local jogscotland group.

jogscotland member David Whyte, started running a couple of years ago and hasn’t looked back since.

“It is deceptive how easy it is. Start with sessions once or twice a week and the weight will fall off and your self esteem will escalate. Running is great fun and really addictive.”

jogscotland groups are for everyone regardless of age, shape or fitness level, as Michele Song found out on her first jogscotland session with her local group. “On my first night, I was petrified but I saw that there were a whole range of different shapes, sizes and ages there so that put me at ease.”

This was echoed by another runner, Maggie Stewart.

“If people think it is too late for them to start jogging I’d tell them that’s nonsense. I ran my first marathon at 53. It doesn’t matter how old you are, it’s never too late and jogscotland is a brilliant way to get involved. I’ve made new friends and completed goals I’d only ever dreamed of before.”

Exercising in a group is a great way to keep motivated and achieve your New Year resolutions. Combine this with a structured and supported training programme, your chances of sustaining your new exercise regime well into the New Year and beyond are greatly increased.

Check out the <> for details on local groups and start 2011 as you mean to go on – active and happy!