Golfers set to tee up for the Cowie Cup

The first major trophy will be won this coming weekend when round two of the Cowie Cup takes place.

Three players share the lead after the first round on Saturday with net scores of 62.

By virtue of a better inward half, Alan Wood takes a marginal lead ahead of Billy McEwan and Darren Milne, tucked in just behind on 63 are Alister Barnett, Alex Starling and Ross McAllan who had the lowest gross scoring 68.

A pair of snazzy red and white trousers helped ‘Bongo’ Kevin Boyne to his best round of the season so far, sharing a 64 with Mike Halliday and John Neal which like his team keeps him just outside the top six.

Net 65s for Steve McGhie, Brian Lawson and Tom Simpson placed them one stroke blow the standard scratch of 66.

The top 64 players from Saturday’s competition qualify for the Willie Watt Trophy a full handicap knock out singles competition, the draw sheet is now on the notice board with first round ties to be played by the beginning of June.

Leading scores.- A.Wood 76(14)62, W. McEwan 76(14)62, D. Milne 86(24)62, Alister Barnett 80(17)63, A. Starling 72(9)63, R. McAllan 68(5)63, K. Boyne 87(23)64, M. Halliday 77(13)64, John Neal 84(19)63, S. McGhie 70(5)65, T. Simpson 85(20)65, B. Lawson 74(9)65, G. Lamont 74(8)66, P. Kelly 74(8)66, C. Irvine 69(3)66, K. Riddell 71(5)66, J. Currie 85(19)66, C. Taylor 72(6) 66, K. Reid 85(19)66, I.Taylor 71(5)66

The Royal Bank match play doubles competition and the Willie Watt singles competitions have been drawn with the sheets now on the notice board.

With the JM Low singles qualifier taking place this weekend it is important for all participants to take note of their opponents and to arrange their ties in a timely manner before the closing dates.

Justin Bounds.