Johnshaven lose to Polish side

FC Polska 2 Johnshaven Athletic 1

Johnshaven had to travel to Aberdeen on April 30 without their manager who was unavailable and with only 11 players not all of whom were fully fit.

In the opening minutes a Scott cross was headed back by Milne and Leon Dundas headed just over the bar.

In the 4th minute Polska slotted the ball home following a throw-in to take the lead.

In nine minutes, Walger tried to find Dundas and he was just beaten to the ball by the Polska keeper.

in 13 minutes later a free kick by Scott Beedie cleared the Polska wall but went past the post.

In the 26th minute a free kick by Sean Blease beat the wall and was saved.

Polska hit on the break but McLean turned the ball round the post.

In the 61st minute a shot by Scott Beedie was blocked by the Polska keeper but Stephen Stephen was on hand to side foot home his first goal for Johnshaven from close range.

Before Johnshaven had regained their composure Polska went up the park and scored to lead 2-1.

Johnshaven went back on the attack and Leon Dundas had a shot saved.

in 80 minutes a shot from Steven Smith for Johnshaven went past the post.

Without the luxury of having any subs to bring on it was an exhausted and battle weary Johnshaven who finished the game trailing 2-1.

Man of the Match was Graham Walger.

Johnshaven: Jarred MacLean, Jack Dalgarno, Steven Smith, Steven Scott, Aaron Welsh, Graham Walger, Stephen Stephen, Scott Beedie, Robert Milne, Leon Dundas, Shaun Blease.