Mackie Minis visit Grammar

P4 Match Report

Perfect conditions last Sunday saw the Mackie P4 squad go north “en mass” to Rubislaw in Aberdeen for a morning of friendly matches with close neighbours Grammar and Ellon. Such is the P4 squad’s strength in depth, and enthusiasm, at the moment Mackie were able to field 3 teams of equal ability against 2 for both Grammar and Ellon.

All the kids enjoyed a joint warm-up and then “battle commenced” in a round robin set of games that at this early part of the season were based around player development rather than winning. By utilising a number of tried-and-trusted techniques the coaches from the 3 clubs were able work with all the children on encouraging support play, speed of thought at the breakdown and the use of space when attacking. This focus meant that the games were very evenly matched but also very entertaining to watch, and take part in, as all the children out of necessity have to play a full part in every game.

At the end the clubs mixed everyone up to form 6 teams to emphasise the “fun” nature of the event and also to encourage friendships and teamwork between the kids. Thanks go to all the Mackie followers who travelled to watch and provide the kids with great vocal support, and to Grammar for hosting a very enjoyable morning of mini rugby.

P5 Match Report

Well done to the team who played in the festival at Aberdeen Grammar School. They played some excellent running rugby and it was good to see the tackling improving and players getting better at rucking over the ball. Although we don’t keep the score at festivals, all four games against Ellon and Grammar were very even and of a high standard with everyone playing their part in a good overall team performance. Our player of the tournament was Ian Burt but he was pushed hard by Jonathon Edgar, Finlay Wynne, Calum Harrison and Dylan Elliot.

P6 Match Report

Mackie P6s provided two teams for the local Aberdeen grammar autumn festival at Rubislaw. The festival set up allowed competitive rugby to be played against some neighbouring teams with the aim being to provide on-the-pitch coaching during the games. It is an important means of developing skills and team work in a setting that is more competitive than the training ground. Mackie Red and Black teams played a round-robin suite of 4 games against Aberdeen Grammar and Ellon. Both Mackie and Grammar provided two teams. Conditions were near perfect with pleasant autumn sunshine and a firm pitch. Each 8-aside game was 12 minutes in duration. The Mackie teams started a little slow allowing their opposition to dominate early on. However as the games progressed organisational structure and tackling improved. Rucking and tackling still remain the weak points of most team at this level, but both Mackie Red and Blacks began to show improvements as the players got used to the intensity and speed of these competitive games. The scores in these games are not important, more the style of play and how the teams develop as the games progress. Passing is key to opening up space when in attack and when Mackie chose this option invariably both teams looked impressive and scored tries. By the end of the morning both Mackie teams were unbeaten and faced off against each other. This final encounter was no friendly and was as competitive as the other matches. Overall the Mackie P6s showed flashes of continuity and team work that suggest lessons practised on the training ground are being translated to the match environment. There remains much room for improvement, particularly in overall team work and passing play. Hopefully as the season progresses the tendency for individualism will give way to improved team performances. Then more silverware will beckon when the real tournaments begin.

P7 Match Report

The Mackie P7’s completed a successful day of rugby at hosts Aberdeen Grammar by winning all their games without conceding a try. The opening game against Grammar ‘A’ was littered with errors as Mackie tried to find their feet and settle into a pattern of play. In an evenly contested affair Mackie managed to score the all important tries to secure the initial victory. The next two games were played against Ellon ‘A’ and ‘B’ and by this time Mackie were finding their feet with some sublime finishing from Matthew Blackwood and Kieran Milne as he consistently unlocked the heart of the Ellon defence. In the final game against Grammar ‘B’ the P7’s again made heavy weather of a game they should have won with ease. Basic handling errors and some poor decision making returned to haunt Mackie as the struggled to assert their authority on the game. Dazzling Kieran Milne played a key role again in breaking through the defence and scoring a fine individual try. Mackie then went on to secure a comfortable win. Great team effort from everyone!!

Pictured below are the P4s in action.