Mixed emotions for Mackie netball teams

Last Thursday, both the junior and senior netball teams played against a feisty Albyn side.

Friday, 6th October 2017, 12:48 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 1:15 pm

First up hoping to get a win, were the junior girls.

The game started off quickly, with good ball movement on the attack and great shooting from players Faith Wood and Robyn Thomas.

The first half of the game was incredibly competitive, with both teams keeping up the intensity throughout.

Mackie went into the second half down by two points.

In the third quarter, Mackie lost their momentum after making some careless passes.

Albyn used this to their advantage and managed to achieve a six-point lead.

Some great interceptions from Mackie’s Emily Peters enabled the girls to progress up the court.

After managing to regain their momentum, the girls managed to take the point difference down to four, going into the final quarter with a score of 16-20 to Albyn.

In the last quarter, Mackie exhibited some strong defence which forced Albyn into making mistakes.

Unfortunately for the girls, Albyn kept the lead, winning 24-21.

From the off, the senior girls played a fast-paced game- with Mackie players demonstrating some great passing and sixth year Kirsty Mackay scoring within the first 30 seconds of the match.

Defensive players Naomi McGillivray and Connie Thomson showed great skill, blocking a few of Albyn’s shots and intercepting passes.

Mackie went into the second quarter down one point, the score being 9-10 to Albyn.

In the second quarter, Albyn played tight defence.

This however, did not intimidate the Mackie girls, with shooters Tasha Lovick and Eve Thomas still managing to score.

With some great ball control from centre, Emily Park, and wing attack, Katherine Robertson, Mackie continued to progress up the court where they then took the lead by one point, going into the second half 17-18.

The score was incredibly close for the duration of the game, with the Mackie girls being one point down with four minutes to go.

After continuing to play strong and using Albyn’s mistakes to their advantage, Mackie ended up taking the win 29-31.