Gourdon and District RPC

Last weekend saw the last old bird race of this season.

On Tuesday, July 15, two members sent eight birds in the transporter to Clermont in France.

The birds were released at 6am on July 18. Temperatures that day in France and the south of England were in the high 20s and 30s. Rather hot for a long flight.No birds arrived home to Gourdon Club that day.

On Saturday ,there was torrential rain and thunderstorms up and down the country and again there was no birds home.

On Sunday morning , which was foggy, D&D Hay‘s first yearling cock arrived at 7am having taken 37 hours to fly home, velocity of 445.58.

Eddie Mann had a yearling bird home at 11am taking 40 hours to arrive. Its velocity 399.15.

Trophies won ;

D&D Hay wins Clermont Cup Velocity 445.58

Old Birds Points Cup 155 points

Old Birds Averages Cup Velocity 1008.84

Three Longest Race Averages Velocity 928.20

Lowest Winning Averages Shield Velocity 445.58

E. Mann wins Runner Up Clermont Cup Velocity 399.15

2nd Loft Clermont Cup Velocity 399.16

Next week is the start of the young bird racing season with more members and birds participating.