It’s show time for Mearns Academy dancers

One of the shows last week
One of the shows last week

The Lindsay School of Dance will perform this week on March 16, 17 and 18 at Mearns Academy.

Mrs Lindsay’s Laurencekirk group will dance on the opening night of their show on Thursday at Mearns Academy.

The first-half has a Disney-theme, with dances to classic songs from the Little Mermaid, Aladdin and even Hannah Montana.

The second-half is to songs from the Broadway musical version of The Lion King.

The show follows the Stonehaven group’s performance last week, which verged on a sell-out every night.

Eileen Lindsay teaches classes in Stonehaven and Laurencekirk alongside her daughter Arleine, as well as putting on a show from each group every two years.

The show features girls and boys from the ages of two to 22 years old.

Many pupils in the older groups attend Mearns Academy, while the younger dancers attend different primary schools and nurseries across the Mearns.

The dancers have been preparing for the show for the best part of the last nine months, with rehearsals held in the theatre at Mearns Academy for the last few weeks.

As well as practising the dance routines, there is a big operation behind the scenes.

All the dancers have many costumes for all their different routines, mostly sewn and made from scratch.

This isn’t to mention hair and makeup; the fumes of hairspray are likely to be lingering in the Mearns Academy corridors for a wee while yet.

As well as the show lasting three nights, a DVD is filmed over the dress rehearsal and show nights for purchase after the show.

In between the shows, the dancers work towards sitting externally-assessed dancing examinations in ballet, tap, modern and Highland.

These exams range from the “primary foundation” award up to some senior girls who have already gained qualifications that allow them to teach dancing.

Regular dancing is not only fun and a great stress reliever, but helps you maintain strong bones, improve your posture and muscle strength, and increase your balance, flexibility and coordination.

The show named “Disney safari – dancing with the pride” will be performed over Thursday, Friday and Saturday this weekend.

With this coming not long before Rock Challenge UK at the AECC in Aberdeen, the dancers from Mearns Academy who are performing in both will need to make sure their dancing shoes are on.