Pigeon racing results

Four members sent 41 birds to Ridsdale in the north of England.

The birds were liberated at 8am into a light south wind.

First home at 10.41 am was a five-year-old blue bar cock belonging to D&D Hay of Gourdon., velocity of 1336.38.

Next two positions also was for D&D Hay on 1251.61 and 1251.49. In fourth position was Eddie Mann from Johnshaven with a yearling bird doing1232.36, fifth was D&D Hay 1216.73, sixth E. Mann 1215.14. 7th D&D.Hay 1196.68. eighth and ninth went to E Mann 1195.92 & 1193.22 and in 10th position was Michael Craig from Johnshaven on 1135.05.