Pool League

Mearns Pool League Results for Monday Feb 24:

Harbour Bar 4, Redhall Arms 8; Redhall Legs 3, Sally 9; Royal 5, Scots Corner 7; Drumlithie - Bye. Anchor Chiefs v Crown - Match Postponed.

League positions:- 1-Scots Corner (PL 15)-Pts 27; 2-Redhall Arms (PL 14)-Pts 24; 3-Harbour Bar (PL 15)-Pts 16; 4-Anchor Chiefs (PL 13)-Pts 15; 5-The Royal (PL 14)-Pts 14; 6-Sally (PL 14)-Pts 14; 7-Redhall Legs (PL 14)-Pts 6; 8-Drumlithie (PL 14)-Pts 5; 9-Crown Bervie (PL 14)-Pts 5.

Fixtures for 3rd March;- Crown v Royal; Redhall Legs v Drumlithie; Sally v Anchor Chiefs; Scots Corner v Redhall Arms; Harbour - Bye.

Full results, fixtures and League Table can be found at www.mearnspoolleague.com.