Thistle cruise to comfortable victory

QCSD 63 all out

STCC 64 for 0

Coming off the back of two straight defeats, Stoney Thistle were looking to repeat their first leg thrashing of QCSD.

This time playing at Harlaw, would home advantage for QCSD prove to be the key in taking the match to STCC?

With the deep, dark clouds bearing down on Aberdeen, the question being considered was would the match go ahead?

The toss having been won by R.Devlin, he decided to put the home team into bat, in view of taking 10 quick wickets, hoping to be back in Stonehaven for dinner.

J.Rogers and J.Steward wandered out to the square with rain looming. C.Findlay opened the bowling for Thistle with a sharp first over and only having one run scored from it. A downpour caused play to grind to a hault! Following a rain break, the players headed back out to get started again.

Just three balls into the first over for C.Hinchcliffe, he took the wicket of Stewart for one by taking out middle stump.

C.Findlay followed up the next over with his first wicket by bowling the new batsman, A.Rayner, to the crease.

. Just a couple of overs later, Hinchcliffe struck again, dislodging the bails of F.Chowrry and taking the scorecard to 11 for three from six overs.

Findlay struck again in the following over with J.VDR taking an impressive catch in the slips.

QCSD were standing at 14 for 4 from seven overs and the game certainly lookedlike being controlled by Thistle.

J.Rogers was looking settled and hoping for one of his teammates to stick around with him at the crease, while new batsman B.Davidson scored from his first ball and was looking more competent already than his teammates.

Just five overs later, Findlay struckagain with some aggressive bowling causing Davidson to clatter into his own wickets following a short ball.

Hinchcliffe took another wicket in the following over, but was not looking too comfortable bowling on the artificial pitch.

He took one more over and was given a well-deserved break to allow N.King into the attack. Findlay continues to apply pressure from the other end, keeping the runs to a minimum.

King started with a maiden in his first over followed by a wicket in his second and another maiden in his third. Findlay removed Rogers, caught behind for 39, and the scorecard now read59 for eight. It wasn’tlooking good for QCSD.

King’s medium paced left arm over quickly removed the last two wickets, leaving QCSD on 63 all out.

Timing being impeccable by Thistle, a rain cloud passing over just as the players left the field for tea.

Thistle’s usual number two’ D.Crozier’ was out of the team for a week and J.VDR stepped in to open with R.Devlin.

After just seven overs being bowled, Devlin had scored 22 and VDR 34, the rest of the runs added by extras.

STCC cruised to a 10-wicket comprehensive victory for the visitors with a confidence boosting performace.

Captains man of the match, C.Findlay for his fine bowling performance.

Match ball sponsor – The Station Hotel