Wrestlezone heads to Newtonhill

Blue Thunder goes for a high risk move (photo Dod Morrison)
Blue Thunder goes for a high risk move (photo Dod Morrison)

Professional wrestling returns to Newtonhill this November as the stars of WrestleZone get ready for their latest extravaganza.

The event will take place next Friday, November 7, at the Bettridge Centre and will see the North-east grapplers engage in a night of brawls and bodyslams.

William Sterling in control (photo Barbara Kryzkwa)

William Sterling in control (photo Barbara Kryzkwa)

The annual family-friendly event is in its third year and will see grapplers like Crusher Craib, Scotty Swift and Kaden Garrick in action.

In the tag team division, the Thunder Buddies duo of William Sterling and Blue Thunder are looking to regain the doubles titles and will face other top challengers in singles competition.

Masked grappler Blue Thunder will take-on rival Damien who pinched the titles from the Buddies in a bout in August – something Blue Thunder has not forgotten.

He said: “There is certainly a lot of rivalry around in the tag team ranks and no more so than with that little snake Damien.

“Since they picked up the titles, Revolution have needed all their wits to hold onto those shiny tag team belts.

“William Sterling and I are clear on our ambitions; we want to be tag team champions once again.

“Now the people of Newtonhill can judge for themselves who the best wrestler is, but all I know is I will be going all-out for victory at the Bettridge Centre.”

Thunder’s tag team partner William Sterling is no stranger to the gold, having held the titles on four separate occasions.

But Sterling is acutely aware of the competition for the next opportunity at Revolution’s titles and he plans on taking down Bryan Tucker of the Hotshots in their singles bout.

Sterling added: “We have one thing in common with the Hotshots – we both want the tag team titles.

“But the difference is that Blue Thunder and I are willing to go that extra mile to earn the opportunity, and unlike Bryan Tucker, we’re not afraid to make enemies in doing so.

“This rivalry has ignited the WrestleZone and its very healthy for tag team division. But there is only going to be one winner coming out of Newtonhill, and that will be the Thunder Buddies.”

Six huge bouts will take place on the card including a massive main event featuring current champion Crusher Craib.

WrestleZone host Martyn Clunes is looking forward to the return to the Kincardineshire venue and expects a loud crowd on hand for the spectacle.

Martyn said: “We have an excellent night of action in store with many of the burning issues continuing to come to the fore.

“The events in Newtonhill have always been well attended, and we are looking forward to welcoming another enthusiastic crowd this November.”

Doors at the centre open at 7pm with the first bell at 7.30.

Admission is pay-at-the-door only, priced £12 for adults and £8 for under 14s.

Further information on the event is available by going to www.wrestlezonescotland.co.uk or phoning 07855 121777.