NE are unlucky

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The North East fielded a strong team in the recent Primary inter-area badminton tournament at the Ravenscraig Sports facility. Jodie Harris, Arduthie, Catriona Holley & Eilidh Mitchell, Dunnottar, Maria Leith, Andrew McGillivray, James Hinchcliffe and Josh McKay, all Mill O’Forest and Andrew Thomson, Kellands, Inverurie, all played their part in the team.

Teams from seven areas competed and North East faced Glasgow in their first match. Victory in both the boys and girls singles gave NE a great start however Glasgow fought back to win the boys doubles. Success in the girls doubles secured them the win at 3–1 up thankfully as Glasgow won a close battle in the mixed doubles 21-16.

The second match was against the holders, Edinburgh, who looked formidable. With some alteration to the disciplines the NE proved a force to be reckoned with. A win in the boys’ singles was soon cancelled out by defeat in the girls’ singles. The boys’ doubles had everyone on the edge of their seats, victory finally going to NE 22-20. The girls’ doubles never looked in doubt for NE, winning the game 21-6 and securing victory in the match, again 3-2 following defeat in the mixed doubles.

The next challenge came from the Fife team which never really posed a problem for the NE with the exception of another fantastic match in the boys doubles where they were unlucky to lose out 24-22 but won the match 4-1.

Lanarkshire were next to face the North East. Despite a spirited performance they were unfortunate to lose the boys singles but managed to record victory in the other four games, albeit very close in them all, securing their 4th win of the day.

With only 2 more teams to play the North East were looking very strong. Unfortunately their good fortune was to come to an end in their match against Mid and East Lothian. A great start in the boys singles put them 1 game up however defeat in both the girls’ singles and boys’ doubles by the narrowest of margins, 22-20 in both, saw the North East team 2-1 down for the first time. The girls’ doubles recorded a remarkable 21-17 victory making it 2 all and the result resting on the mixed doubles. Once again a fantastic encounter ensued with end to end action. Mid and East Lothian had a good lead but the North East never gave up the fight. In the end the fight back just came too late and Mid and East Lothian held on for a 21-19 victory and took the match 3-2.

This made for a very exciting last match with North East, Edinburgh and Mid and East Lothian all having lost only one match. Edinburgh and Mid and East Lothian were head to head and North East faced the Borders.

Wins in the boys’ singles and both the boys’ and girls’ doubles sealed the match for the North East. Edinburgh managed to record a 4-1 win over Mid and East Lothian which then resulted in a tie for first place between North East and Edinburgh with both teams only losing one match. Since a winner had to be decided North East were desperately unlucky to lose out on the title as, despite being the only team to beat Edinburgh on the day, Edinburgh had won more games over all the matches.

North East had to settle for second place but put on a fantastic challenge throughout the day. Credit must be given to all the children, coaches and parents who continue to encourage and support them.