Oor Wullie meets F1

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Low tech Lewis Hamiltons are being encouraged to build their own gravity powered racer and enter North East Scotland’s answer to Formula 1 – the Catterline Cartie Challenge.

Now in its 8th year, the Cartie Challenge sees teams of intrepid racers from near and far converge on the sleepy village of Catterline to pit themselves against each other and against the clock and see who will be awarded the Connons Shield for the fastest time down the steep and winding road from the Creel Inn to the pier.

the organisers say: “It’s a great spectacle and there is always an enthusiastic crowd out to watch. There are plenty of places left for anyone wanting to experience the thrill of travelling down the brae at up to 30mph in something they made in their garden shed. It’s ‘Oor Wullie’ meets Formula 1, and with zero carbon emissions too.”

“It’s not just about the racing though, as there are prizes for the Best Decorated and Best Engineered carties. And there is a unique prize of being immortalised in song by local bard Dave Ramsay, who adds a verse to his song The Great Catterline Cartie Race each year, based on the inspiration provided by the most memorable incident on the day.”

The Cartie Challenge was first run in 2005 and is a part of the Catterline Gala Weekend, which raises funds for community projects.

Entry forms are available in the Creel Inn, and can also be downloaded from www.catterline.org/carties.