AGM highlights throughout the years


Greetings Birdie Bashers from a sunny Tenerife. Far be it for me to gloat although I’m sure you will have managed to knock the odd wee white pill about the verdant links since I went away.

Let’s hope so as the weather prior to departure was horrendous.

So in considering this weeks wittering I thought it would be good to look ahead to our up coming annual rabble rousing wool pulling and excuse strewn meeting we like to call the AGM.

Probably the most entertaining official gathering of our year. Looking back I have been at 30 of these over the years and never fail to smile.

Questions from the floor in the early days were great fun and generally, speaking less than complimentary ... Accompanying the Captains speech is always much hurrumphing, brouhaha and beautifully timed high speed exhalation. Once complete our leader stands tall and proud awaiting his much deserved applause for surviving the year intact ... Often this wait is a pregnant pause followed by a lone coming together of sweaty palms from the back of the room. Bearing in mind AGMs and EGMs were sometimes held in the Royal or County hotels and that clap could take some time to reach the front

Oh yes another highlight ... Pre submitted questions ... Sadly not too common as it involves the author in putting pen to paper and signing for its authenticity ... A habit normally confined to his or her scorecard... Imagine that using a pen!!! I predict that will decline as we post our scores in ‘real time’ on the wubbelyou wubbelyou inter web thing on its cloud

And the years accounts an annual justification of spending on such frippery as tools, wages and the clubhouse fabric. Much complaint follows as members jaws drop in disbelief that such waste is preferred over issues such as the flavour of the soap in the toilet ... The fact that cheap lime juice is used over Roses finest or horror of horrors the books in the lobby are the wrong shape

And so we stumble to the close via the election of the condemned (captain and his committee) the acceptance of accounts and the thanking of the masses for attendance if by luck more that 10% of the membership have bothered to turn up and vote then Brenda smiles and we have a pint.

Now the other 90% who can’t be bothered to turn up .. I propose your whingeing and moaning rights be removed this year and for ever more ...

So pitch up at the AGM ... It’s your club run by good people if you can’t be bothered why should they?

After a poor run of weather, the course opened on winter greens for the weekend. It was a delight to see a good sized turnout after some quiet clubhouse days and it suggested many members were eager just to get away from the house!

Leading scores attached:

Scratch Pairs: K Duncan& I Wood (67), H Roulston &N Irvine, Go Adamson & G Melvin , Gr Adamson & W Pittendreigh (all 69)

Handicap Pairs

A Barnett & T Simpson (59), S Campbell & M Halliday, N McArthur and D Henderson (both 63)

Singles (points):

S Mcghie and S Hutcheon (both 37), I Smith (36), B Andrew (35)

It’s a busy week in the clubhouse. First up is club EGM/AGM on Thursday evening. Tee time booking on Thursday will be available from 6.15pm on AGM night only.

We are staging a Burns Night this upcoming Saturday. Tickets still available at £20 – get yours now.

Following club AGM, renewal subscriptions will begin to be issued the following week. If members have not received recent e-mails from the club please check junk/spam folders and advise club of your current e-mail address.