AGM set for January and the latest from the golf club

An underdressed golfer putting at 2nd
An underdressed golfer putting at 2nd

Dearly Beloved we are gathered once again to celebrate the joy and wonder that is Stonehaven Golf Club.

And as that joyful time of Christmas is once again upon us how many will be sitting looking to the night sky and wondering if a Big Guy in a Red Suit (No Bongo my Pal Walker McCall hasn’t bought a new Aberdeen Strip) is flying his way down our Chimneys with shiny new bats or the latest golfing Accessory.

We are a funny breed us golfers ..... at some point every Saturday somebody prances into the clubhouse brandishing his or her latest purchase. It may be: A driver that adds 50 yards onto our drives, an iron that hits the ball straighter and longer than anything that has gone before, a wedge that imparts so much backspin it lands 2 feet from the pin and spins back 30 yards to hit your foot-joys square on the toe or a putter that never misses from anything less than 30 feet.

All these wonders of science probably cost as much as your Granny’s first house but we see time and again us poor gullible s drawn in by shiny shafts .. garish grips and flashy face plates.

How many of us look down at the ground on a Saturday morning as a clod of turf that could double up as a Celtic Scarf, flies further than the ball itself and think ..... Hey I could do with a Lesson!!

These said lessons (apparently the chap that sells you the clubs can sell you one of these too!!) are a fraction of the price of the latest technology and nearly ALWAYS result in an improvement beyond or wildest dreams?

How many of you know that a son of Stonehaven GC is one of Britain’s top teaching pros with no less than an Open Champion in his stable, and can be sought out no more than a short drive from the club itself

So I commend you .... don’t spend ALL your hard earned on new equipment go see the likes of Andrew Locke and not only will you play better you will have enough to buy a pie when you finish your round

By the way if anyone wants a set of Ping G25s I’m in all weekend ........... Just bought G30s ... sooo much straighter and longer!!!

Whilst we are on the subject, remember sweeps and two’s vouchers to be redeemed by year end and SGU vouchers will have a 3 month date on them…look them out before it’s too late. Lots of new clothing ranges in the club to spend your hard earned vouchers and cash on as well as GPS watches.

Thanks to all members that have bought a £2 ticket for our Christmas draw, only a few squares left before we sell out….draw will be very soon. OK, sales pitch over .......

A note to all members that notice of the January AGM will have been issued by email to all by the time this reaches print. If you have not received an e-mail please provide an updated e-mail address to the club at (please also check junk or spam folders).

For members that do not use e-mail, hard copies of the relevant notices will be pinned on notice board in the clubhouse.

An EGM notice will also follow prior to Christmas.As a club, we are intending e-mailing the majority of subscription notices next year rather than utilising post and hand delivery so please let the club know your current details.

Some decent weekend weather saw good numbers of golfers take to the course on both days and scoring was as follows: Scratch Pairs: S Dempster/B McGillivray (59), W Pittendreigh/Gr Adamson(63), H Roulston/N Irvine (64), C Arthur/A Officer, A Russon/K Douglas, R McAllan/I Taylor (all 65). Handicap Pairs: N MacArthur/ D Henderson (54), G Deans/G McHardy/B Leggate/M MacEwen/M Halliday/S Campbell (all 60).

Singles – Stableford Points: M Ritchie (41), I Smith (38), S McGhie & A Darragh (both 37), AF Murray, K Gordon (both 36).