Easter Bonnet at Stonehaven Golf Club

With the winter league over Stonehaven GC’s finest rocked up on Saturday Morning with the hope of balmy heat and azure skies.

So Easter is upon us again and happy memories of rolling eggs as a kid

How many remember boiling eggs, letting them cool praying they didn’t crack. Once cooled we painted funny faces on said eggs and headed for the nearest hill to roll them. Arriving at our destination we joined many like minded kids in launching these Salvador Dali like works of art on a gravity defying roll down the hill.

Later in life I discovered the sheer joy of rolling a different sphere at Easter not laid by the local hens but by Mr Titleist, we would embellish them with decoration to mark our uniqueness and batter them down the hill at the first with gay abandon.

Marking your ball to be able to identify it in 4 feet of jungle like grass at the side of the 5th has become something of an art form in recent years.

What started off with a biro dot under the makers name morphed into patterns of dots created with permanent marker pen. Said marker pens then became available in a myriad of colours and ball decoration has, like Easter eggs, become something of a personalised art form worthy of the Turner Prize.

So while we may all not be capable of abstract creations like Duffy Waldorf we can make our mark our own .. My personal favourite is my Scotty Dog what will be yours?

Years from now you might be playing a medal.. Look across and see your partner tee up one of your long lost pills and be able to utter the immortal words ... HEY MIN ATS MY BAA!!!!

This Saturday sees the return of the summer season and we extend a warm welcome back to our members and an especially warm welcome to all those golfers and social members that have recently joined the club.