Former friends collide at Newtonhill wrestling

Mr. P in control of Chris Archer (Picture by Brian Battensby)
Mr. P in control of Chris Archer (Picture by Brian Battensby)

Wrestling fans in the Mearns can expect some high-octane wrestling action and a bitter rivalry between two former friends is to be settled.

Family-friendly pro-wrestling company WrestleZone returns to Newtonhill on Saturday at the Bettridge Centre.

Former tag team champions Dave Paterson and Kaden Garrick will face each other in singles action at the event.

The battle of former friends was sparked after the duo went their separate ways upon losing the doubles gold – and now “Mr. P” is set for revenge when they collide for only the second time.

He continued: “Kaden thinks I was holding him back but that is far from the truth. We were tag team champions, best friends, training partners, yet he takes a pinfall loss and looks for someone else to blame.

“We did really well as a team up until then and our friendship was the key to that success; Kaden was even an usher at my wedding but it’s clear any friendship we had is now over.

“There was no winner declared in our first singles match – but in Newtonhill I am determined to settle this and show Kaden that I am the better wrestler.”

The pro-wrestling spectacle is an annual event at the Bettridge Centre, with favourite grapplers such as Scotty Swift, Bryan Tucker, Aspen Faith and more set to battle at the event. With a focus on providing fun for all the family, the bouts feature an array of grapplers with fans encouraged to cheer, boo and laugh along with the action.

WrestleZone host Martyn Clunes added: “The Bettridge Centre has hosted some of our top wrestling events and we are looking forward to bringing back the bodyslams this year.”