Gertrude, snow and scores


Well as hurricane Gertrude (who knew a storm would be named after famous Gardener from the last century?) headed East she left in her wake upset lorries, upset sheds, upset walls and in our case ..... Upset golfers.

We awoke on Saturday last to a veil of snow covering our beloved links and with the course closed I got to thinking of past majors blighted by inclement weather.

As long ago as the early 60s storms lashed the Monster that is Carnoustie Links when tents were seen to be uprooted and fly away lquicker than errant girlfriend who’s just discovered her beloved beau married. There is no truth in the rumour that the only folk attending that day were fans of the Rocky Horror Show who mis-heard play is suspended as Players in Suspenders!!

Then we can jump forward a few years to 1977 and the famous Duel in the Sun at Turnberry. That magnificent championship course was reduced to a dust bowl as the hottest summer on record hit Scotland ... Water rationing, hose pipe bans and random fires breaking out could not Dull golf of breathtaking brilliance as the two greatest players in the world battled their way into the record books and left the field trailing in their wake.

1987 at Muirfield saw wind and rain of biblical proportions and as golfers crumbled in their masses on day 2 our own Sandy Lyle stood strong against the elements using a 1 iron off the tee and didn’t touch a wood all day. On a round that saw 80s and 90s as acceptable Sandy lopped around the course his waterproof jacket open and blowing in the wind to a Magnificent level par 72. The great Lee Trevino was moved to say ‘Even God can’t hit a 1 iron as good as Sandy’

Through the 90s we saw majors come and go with only lip service paid to the plunging barometer.

Then dawned the infamous Open of 1999. Who will ever forget our own Paul Lawrie striding proudly on the final day round the mighty Carnoustie with rough designed by the fookawee tribe and fairways narrower than a corset’s waistline?

As others tumbled in the testing conditions Paul rose the the challenge no doubt drawing on the memories of winter golf in the North East and threading his way down Merkland Road on a busy match day. The clearly miffed Davis Love the Turd stating “Carnoustie got the Chsmpion it Deserved” only to be shot down in flames by Peter Allis’ lightning retort “ Yes Davis ...... It DID”

Meanwhile....back at Stonehaven....thankfully the snow disappeared around midday - too late for many but a few hardy individuals took to the course on Sunday and the leading scores were as follows:

Scratch Doubles: K Duncan & I wood, C Arthur and A Officer (both 69), S Dempster and B McGillivray (70)

Handicap Doubles: S Campbell and M Halliday, R Pyper and N Cattanach (both 60), J Starrs and G Taylor (62)

Singles (points): S Hutcheon (41), S McGhie (39), J Christie (37) and C Nicoll (36)

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