Grampian Tigers sessions set
to start again

Grampian Tigers are starting the weekly coaching sessions again on Saturday, March 14, at the Mackie Academy playing fields.

Coaching will begin with a series of off-road sessions, in preparation for some friendly racing at Haddo House on April 18.

Sessions will then be geared towards road riding, with riders being given the opportunity to take part in the Grampian Grand Prix closed-circuit race organised by Ythan CC. 

Grampian Tigers has also secured funding from the Big Lottery Fund to buy a number of fixed-gear bikes for use with grass track cycling.

Children will be able to learn the skills needed for velodrome riding, but on easily accessible grass tracks. A grass track league is due to be set up over the Summer, with the support of Mackie Academy who have allowed the use of their site.

Charlie Barrow of Grampian Tigers told us: “As always, the club welcomes new members and this is a perfect time to get involved. The club caters for 7 – 15 year-olds, who can ride a bike and wish to develop their confidence and technical skills. Many of our riders enjoy taking part in inter-club races, as well as competing further afield however some just enjoy building confidence and making new friends.

“We continue to be supported by Cambla, whose sponsorship who enable us to organise our own races and events.

“We have a new website:- with club information, training and race calendar and photographs. Have a look at the website and come and join us on Saturday to say hello.”