Greeting wee white pill sluggers

Stonehaven Clubhouse
Stonehaven Clubhouse

Well I awoke this morning with the sun shining through the blinds and birds singing in the woods behind us but something of a cloud hung over me and I couldn’t understand why.

Then it hit me.

That fateful day had arrived. What is this scribe blathering about now I hear you ask? Has his hair completely fallen out? Has the time finally arrived he has to cut the grass and do the edges? Has he woken up and realised he can’t think of anything to write about?

Answer to all the above? A Firm NO. Horror of horrors I’m now officially a ‘Senior’!

At first glance and from sheer ignorance I saw myself on the slippery slope to wearing cardigans and corduroy trousers, Sensible shoes and checked shirts, Cavity back irons and soft shafts, Buying a ‘chipper’ (No not the Bervie Chipper), eating scones and putting my teeth in a glass by the bed side as I reach over to peck my beautiful young wife on the cheek praying the last dribble went down the pan. Will the next hard frost see me off to visit that great links in the sky?

Well source of angst that lasted all of 25 minutes. It dawned on me . An Epiphany awoke my senses. This is a whole new world of fun and competition ahead of me. And the reason? Its easy - Stoney GC Seniors Section. I can join them now.

For many years I have looked on at some of the nicest guys in the club pitching up three times a week to play in their own medals, enjoying wonderful companionship and competitive banter. As the barman said to the horse when it ordered a pint... Why the long face?

I’m on a par age group wise with club stalwarts and all round ‘good eggs’ like Woody, Smithy, Puddles, Donald, Bertie B. All fine golfers, fiercely competitive and great guys to boot. Is there life after 55 in the world of golf?? Bloody right there is ...

There cant be a player in the club doesn’t still quake a bit when drawn against the golf power that is Neil Irvine. (Lets face it he let Craig win last year like any good dad should ).

Ian Smith still regularly beats his age and he is not alone in that. Glenny Melvin, ‘The Adamson Brothers’, Harry Roulston - all these guys and more are the wrong side of 55 and can beat ‘kids’ half their age.

So Im going to forget the sensible slacks, Senior Shafts, Oversized woods, Ralgex, Ibuprofen rub, thick socks, saving 10p for the nearest lavvy, gardening jumper, viagra.... forget ALL that... and start practicing.

If I want to be competitive with the grey haired mafia Im gonna have to up my game!

If you are 55 or over, want some great laughs and great company then JOIN STONEY SENIORS

The club would like to wish ST a very happy birthday and many more years of lum reeking.

The penultimate weekend of winter league qualifying offered a mixed bag of weather. Saturday was wet although Sunday was a fantastically bright day after the early snow thawed. Unsurprisingly, a few opted to keep themselves dry but others took their chances to improve upon their scores.

Winter Doubles Scratch – A fantastic gross 58 (have there been any scores lower?) from B McGillivray & S Dempster. A Russen/K Douglas and R McAllan/I Taylor (both 63), W Pittendreigh/Gr Adamson 65

Winter doubles Handicap – Not many ventured out but well done to winter stalwarts N MacArthur/D Henderson with a nett 58, followed by husband and wife team the J Thurlows on 66

Singles (points): J Nowak & K Riddell (both 38), D Milne & G Docherty (both 35)

With only one week of winter qualifying to go, the qualifying picture is a bit clearer although a few spots can still be claimed. Only 1 point separates 4th and 5th in scratch doubles.

Leading 10 round totals as follows:

Scratch Doubles - S Dempster/B McGillivray (619), N Irvine/H Roulston (633), A russen/K Douglas (650), C Arthur/A Officer (656), R McAllan/I Taylor (657)

Handicap Doubles - N MacArthur/D Henderson (570), M Halliday/S Campbell (587), K Duncan/I Wood (591), A Barnett/T Simpson (598)


S McGhie(389), IP Smith (368), G Docherty (367), M Ritchie (359), J Nowak (357), A Darragh (355)

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