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Stonehaven Clubhouse
Stonehaven Clubhouse

This weekly rambling is rapidly becoming a weather report from the previous weekend!! Well it’s the winter league so we really shouldn’t expect balmy sunshine and herds of wildebeest gently grazing in the searing heat on our beloved links.

So to Saturday .... As the legendary Albert Steptoe so eloquently stated 50 years ago this week .... It was colder than a Penguins Chuff !!!!

So unfortunately, and indeed disappointing for those brave souls that pitched up, the course was closed for snow and ice. Many arrived ... Nobody could start but coffee and snooker was order of the day.

A similar story was met by the six or so die-hards that arrived on Sunday. Ironically even the Groundwater was frozen into puddles ... Neil Cattanach probably thought frozen greens were more alluring than frozen pipes but no joy for poor Neil either

Some of our members may challenge the greens staff and committee as to why, with Winter Greens available, the course continues to be closed. Number one is ensuring the safety of our members in what are icy and slippy conditions on numerous steep slopes .... The other is course care, protection of young shoots on the greens and reducing the risk of spreading diseases such as fusarium ... As Alexander would say ......SIMPLES!!

In the clubhouse, The View at Stonehaven cafe has now opened and as well as tempting meals, tray bakes & coffees available throughout the day, there are extended opening hours on Friday and Saturday evening for high teas and evening meals. Book your table by calling 01569 762124 now.