New champion for Stonehaven Tennis Grand Prix

Men's Champion Patrick Young
Men's Champion Patrick Young

The Stonehaven Tennis Club held its fourth annual Grand Prix over the weekends of March 17-19 and 24-26. The final weekend was played in blistering sunshine and packed a crowd of spectators enjoying some exciting tennis matches.

Varada Kamate of Cults Tennis Club took the ladies title; Patrick Young of Stonehaven Tennis Club won the mens title.

Patrick snatched the title from Bruce McIver – also of the Stonehaven club – who has retained it since the tournament began in 2014, until now.

The results were:

Men’s Singles Event - Patrick Young[1] beat Kieran Hamilton 6-1, 6-0; Steven White beat Kieran Matthews 6-0, 6-1; Fergus Hermiston [4] beat Calum Parr 6-4 6-4; Gino Pezzani beat David Stead 6-4 6-3; Lewis Findlay beat Benjamin Hine 7-6(8) 1-6 10-7; Bruce McIver[3] beat Aaron Parr 6-4 6-0; Jonathan Gordon beat Peter Kennedy 6-0 6-2; Martin Harbord[2] beat Louis Duthie Gray 6-0 6-1; Patrick Young beat Steven White 6-0 6-1; Fergus Hermiston beat Gino Pezzani 6-0 6-2; Bruce McIver beat Lewis Findlay 6-1 6-0; Martin Harbord beat Jonathan Gordon 6-1 6-1; Patrick Young beat Fergus Hermiston 6-0 6-1; Bruce McIver beat Martin Harbord 1-6 6-1 11-9; Patrick Young beat Bruce McIver 6-3 7-5.

Ladies Singles Event - Jemma Critten beat Hannah Anderson 6-2 6-2; Christina Kirkwood beat Jenny Munro 6-3 6-4; Varada Kamate[1] beat Jemma Critten 6-1 6-1; Karen Crawford[2] beat Christina Kirkwood 6-2 6-1; Varada Kamate beat Karen Crawford 6-4 6-4.