Personal best for Mearns Academy swimmer Gavin

Gavin Johansen in S3 at Mearns Academy took part in a swimming event with Montrose Swimming Club.

A few weeks ago the Montrose SEALS Swimming Club held their annual event – the ‘Marathon Swim’.

The event is part of their club championship week, and involves the swimmers trying to fit as many lengths as possible into 45 minutes.

Gavin Johansen was one of the competitors.

Gavin swam a very impressive 122 lengths in the 45 minutes and earned himself a silver medal.

Reflecting on his swim, he told me: “I’m happy with what I achieved.

“I did nine lengths more than last year so it was a personal best and that’s really what it’s all about.”

Gavin did extremely well at the event, and even beat the club record.

That was until his friend Mackinley Skea took his turn in the pool and narrowly beat Gavin, racking up 124 lengths in the time period.

It was clear Gavin had mixed emotions: “I’m happy for him because he is a sound lad, but yeah I was also a little bit annoyed!”

Gavin trains about five times a week with the club at Montrose swimming pool, and has been swimming competitively since he was around eight years old.

On top of all this, Gavin has also been named as part of the Angus swimming squad.

He was chosen after competing in the 1500m race at the Midlands distance gala in Dundee last year.

The Angus squad meet once a month, completing one hour of training on land which consists of running, press-ups and more before spending a couple of hours training in the pool.

Gavin also competes at other swimming galas about once a month, and has a few upcoming in Aberdeen and Dundee.

Gavin told me that he looks up to Michael Phelps, a former professional swimmer from the USA who is the most decorated Olympian of all time, with a total of 28 medals.

He added: “Swimming gives me the chance to catch up with my friends from Montrose, and I enjoy both the training and racing aspects.”