Running Club prize giving

Stonehaven Running Club Prize Winners
Stonehaven Running Club Prize Winners

Stonehaven Running Club recently held its annual prize giving ceremony at the Town Hall. This year the club combined the prize giving with a ceilidh and much fun was had by all. Prizes were awarded to club members as follows:

Mens Championship 1. Ronald Gauld 2. Stephen Terwey 3. Michael Barker

Ladies Championship 1. Rebecca Bryce 2. Victoria Shanks 3. Rhona McKinnon

Improvers Cup 1. Karen Westwell 2. Stephen Terwey 3. Jonathan Kennedy

Club Standards - The basic idea of a club standard is to give all members the opportunity to work towards a ‘standard’ which is based on a performance level for your age.

The World Association of Veteran Athletes (WAVA) produces detailed tables of age-grading for each distance and age. We then use these tables to produce a %age for each formal race entered which is considered to be an equivalent age-group performance rating.

Gold Standard - Complete 6 formal events 1 of which must be a minimum of a marathon, 4 of which must be over 65% WAVA - Ronald Gauld, Graham Ritchie and Stephen Terwey

Silver Standard - Complete 5 formal events 1 of which must be a minimum of a half marathon, 3 of which must be over 60% WAVA - Rebecca Bryce, Margaret Connon, Elaine Crawford, Yvonne Dey, Geraldine Fraser, Ann Gallon, Jonathan Kennedy, Rhona McKinnon, Scott Sell and Victoria Shanks.

Bronze Standard - Complete 4 formal events 1 of which must be a minimum of a 10k, 2 of which must be over 55% WAVA - Mikaila Telford

‘Star Achievement’ award. Winner - Neil Easton for encouraging trail running in the club. He organised and led the training weekend at Glen Clova, coaches the trail moonlit runs and generally his sessions tend to be off-road. This inspires members to try out different terrains. He dealt with his ankle injury in an admirable way and he still supported the club whilst injured by turning up on his crutches to record the timings for improvers cup.

Stonehaven Running Club welcome runners of all abilities, and offer a friendly environment, where people can run for fun or competition find out more at