Scurrie Tweeter’s latest news from Stonehaven Golf Club

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Saturday morning dawned bright, dry and windless on the links of Cowie this week leaving golfers sun drenched and happy.

Despite winter being officially only 2 days away and Saturday being the second week of this seasons winter league the weather belied the fact the clocks were about to ‘fall back’ as we headed out in t-shirts to enjoy 18holes.

Mrs Scurrie had warned me to be home in good time as there were two junior Scurrie birthdays this weekend. So taking no chances I left the house at 8.30 to pick up 2Gs and meet up with our Pal Flago. 

On arriving at SGC we were sorry to hear our plumbing and Heating buddy had been called out on an emergency. Un-daunted we headed into the club for a welcome coffee and a blether. Well on the tables were the results of the recent survey of the club members which made for heartening reading as the bulk of the members were fair chuffed with our lot both in the club and on the course. No small thanks to Brenda and her team , Graham and our fantastic greens staff and of course Manager Ian, Puddles and the rest of our hard working committee. Being down to a two 2Gs and I teamed up with new Members, the Father and Son combo of Douglas and Douglas Downs. So not only 2Gs I also had 2Ds to contend with. 

What excellent company they made as we enjoyed our round on the new course layout.

Turns out Papa D was a bit of a whizz on the excellent greens and with radar like accuracy buried his ball in the kipie first time so often we were fair bursting with jealousy of this almost wizard like skills. Coming only 2 days before Halloween I did wonder if we had a mischievous spirit in our midst.

31/2 most pleasant hours later we retired to the clubhouse after a hard fought Scurrie/2Gs half. Soup of the Day had been the wager and 2Gs chose the Cullen Skink with Curried Cauliflower for me. I have to say to anyone who wants first class food in stunning surroundings you will travel a long long way to get better than that which is served by ‘The View’ at SGC.

Anyway no nonsense next week as Mrs Scurrie is whisking me away to the Canaries for a few days – Hasta La Vista golfing chums.

Club News

Winter league is well under way and we will begin reporting weekend scores next week.

Winter golf membership is available for the princely sum of £100. If you enjoy the experience and wish to renew as a full member we will deduct the £100 from your renewal notice. Full details on our website.

It’s been a busy time in the clubhouse and November sees no let off

We are delighted to say that we have a permanent solution regarding wi-fi availability in the clubhouse and restaurant so all guests, visitors and members can stay connected if they wish!