Stonehaven co-driver comes second in round three of Junior competition

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A Stonehaven co-driver finished second in round three of the 2017 Junior 1000 Ecosse Challenge.

The third round was the EACC Five Star Junior Stages at Kames Motorsport Complex, Muirkirk on May 7 and Stonehaven youth Gordon Reid achieved second place with driver Johnnie Mackay, from Newburgh.

It was a very different challenge compared to rounds one and two as it was a shorter and narrower course as well a very technical stage.

After four stages Ewan Tindall/Paul Hudson (Citroen C1) had pulled out a second on each stage to lead by 4 seconds from Jude MacDonald/Michael Cruickshank (Skoda Citigo) and Johhnie Mackay/Gordon Reid (Suzuki Alto) – who recorded exactly the same times on each stage.

Mackay was having a good day but MacDonald was finding his brakes a bit worrying. Over the next four stages, the battle at the top continued.

Tindall always kept his nose in front – but just by a second here and there from Mackay who took three seconds from a hesitant MacDonald.

On stages 10 and 12 the top three scored exactly the same times and Tindall and Mackay were never more than a second apart from the last stage where Mackay dropped two seconds. The final outcome was Tindall by seven seconds from Mackay who was a further four seconds ahead of MacDonald.

There was really nothing in it and one wrong step would have punished either of the top three but they all kept their cool and put in brilliant performances.

The next outing for the Junior drivers will be at Leuchars on May 27 for the Granite Stages.