Stonehaven Golf Club crown their Club Champion after impressive year

Craig Irvine with the Gents Club Championship
Craig Irvine with the Gents Club Championship

Another year has passed at the links above Cowie and with it the crowning of Stonehaven Golf Club’s Club Champion for 2016.

The award went tomember Craig Irvine with a level par aggregate of 264.

The club’s ‘Scurry Tweeter’ said: “What a great championship it has been this year with movers, shakers and the downright brilliant competing to wear the most coveted of Club Crowns.

“Not only do you get your name on the Champions board in the club-house if you win but you even get a picture of yourself holding the shield.

“Now the latter is the reason you never see a Scurrie Tweeter adorning said wall. Its bad enough having to read my witterings week after week but imaging having to look up at my none too photogenic fizzog every time you are up there, just plain cruelty and a risk to losing our much valued members.

“However your scribe did play in round one with the talented 2Gs and Flaigo. There were highlights like birdies at the 6th and 17th but equally so I lost more balls than Joe Hart let slip through his fingers so I’m afraid discretion became the better part of valour and I rested myself, and my partners, from further misery.

“Former champion Kevin Riddell lead after day one with an excellent 65 with Iain McLeod hot on his heels ... lurking in the shadows were the perennial greats and previous champions the Irvine Gang and the redoubtable Mr Ferguson.

“Round 2 saw the swings and arrows of outrageous fortune (well according to my buddy 2Gs) but at the end of the day Fraser Stark added a 66 to his Opening 67 and was a stroke ahead of Irvine Junior.

“Round three was played on a dreich and wild Wednesday night but scoring was superb with many scores in the 60s. Ian Taylor was best on the night with a 65 but yet again that picture of fluidity and consistency Craig Irvine threw in his third 67 for a 4 shot lead.”