Stonehaven Running Club prize giving

Stonehaven Running Club recently held its annual prize giving ceremony at the Town Hall.

The club combined the prize giving with a ceilidh with the band Clatterin Kist.

Prizes were awarded for mens and womens championships. Awards were also handed out for Club Standards. - The basic idea of a club standard is to give all members the opportunity to work towards a ‘standard’ which is based on a performance level for your age.

The World Association of Veteran Athletes (WAVA) produces detailed tables of age-grading for each distance and age. The club then use these tables to produce a %age for each formal race entered which is considered to be an equivalent age-group performance rating.

Awards were given out to Gold, Silver, Bronze Standard as well as a Star Achivement award.

Prizes were given to the following:

Mens Championship - 1. Steven Watters, 2. Jonathan Kennedy, 3. Iain Steel.

Ladies Championship - 1. Ann Gallon, 2. Nicola Rhind, 3. Dee Watters.

Improvers Cup - 1. Catriona Harrow, 2. Steven Watters, 3. Jonathan Kennedy

Gold Standard - Complete 6 formal events 1 of which must be a minimum of a marathon, 4 of which must be over 70% WAVA: Alison Paterson

Silver Standard - Complete 5 formal events 1 of which must be a minimum of a half marathon, 3 of which must be over 60% WAVA: Elaine Crawford, Ann Gallon, Jonathan Kennedy, Graham Ritchie, Keith Stewart, Dee Watters.

Bronze Standard - Complete 4 formal events 1 of which must be a minimum of a 10k, 2 of which must be over 55% WAVA: Rebecca Bryce, Christopher Cowley, Craig Donoghue, Ryan Gordon, Jennifer Herbert, Nicola Rhind, Scott Sell, Victoria Shanks, Andries Spies, Alisdair Steel, Iain Steel, Steven Watters.

‘Star Achievement’ award - Winner - George Reid for his continual motivational and inspirational approach to life, fitness, and running. Despite being knocked down literally by a hideous disease he has always remained positive and focused on getting better. Going from ultra running to being immobile would be most people’s nightmare but he’s faced it with such dignity, for example posting short videos of himself running 5 metres and seeing that as an achievement because he had been so desperately ill. He’s still involved with the club, giving his time to marshall etc even though he’s still undergoing treatment and unable to run himself.