Stonehaven’s Liam begins epic trek in artic circle

Liam Byrne preparing before his trip to Norway
Liam Byrne preparing before his trip to Norway

A father and son from the Mearns are currently travelling across a northern region of Norway using only a set of skis to traverse the harsh Artic Circle terrain.

And as if that isn’t enough, the endurance journey is merely a test in preparation for an even bigger trek across Greenland in the future.

Liam Byrne (15) will be accompanied by his father, former commando Michael, for the 10 day “training” trip crossing the Finnmark region of the Scandinavian country – the northern most part of Norway where temperatures at this time of year can often reach minus 20 degrees, and sometimes even lower.

They left for adventure last week are expected to return this weekend, or early next week.

Michael said: “I have planned to teach Liam some survival skills, digging snow shelters, navigation and how to use the equipment necessary for the trip.

“We plan to cover between 20 to 30 miles a day on cross country skis pulling all our gear in pulks, a type of sled, behind us.

“The trip is to see how Liam copes and if it all goes well our next big trip will be to ski across Greenland.

I would like to thank Ian Garden and RigDeluge for supporting us over the last few years. Without them a lot of what Liam has achieved simply couldn’t have happened.”

Liam, from Stonehaven, is no stranger to testing himself in extreme environments: at the age of 12 he climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, and six months later reached the top of Mount Elbrus – the highest mountain throughout Europe and Russia.

Michael added: “Liam is an amazing kid and his love for wildlife and adventure never ceases to amaze me.”