The latest from the Scurrie Tweeter and Stonehaven golf

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So what a weekend we have had Scurrie Readers.

Mrs Scurrie and I visited the beautiful Auld Grey Toon of St.Andrews and had a fine old time wandering round the ancient ruins (Ok so I need a new car) and enjoying some quite wonderful products from the Eden Brewery

What a weekend it has been for all us folks of Alba.

Home on the SGC turf 2Gs quite surpassed himself in a fantastic 64 on Saturday morning. It good to see my old pal storming through the field like a collosus.

To be fair it has been coming for a while as Gary’s ball striking has been superb. Looks like the return of his refurbished Scotty Cameron has transferred that skill to the short grass as well.

The Aberdeen Asset Management Scottish Open was hosted up at Castle Stewart and by all accounts was a soaring success.

The Moray Firth weather threw everything it had at the course and players and a great time was had by all.

Thanks to the generosity of a number of sources SCG members were able to attend and enjoy a feast of excellent golf on a remarkably mature course for its mere 5 year lifespan.

Scurrie and friends played it last year and I highly commend it for all levels of players. Wide fairways allow errant shots and various tee placements are available to test even the longest of amateurs

Wasn’t it wonderful to see two Scottish Champions down at SW 19. Wimbledon Tennis Club hosted a fantastic major and the imperious Andy Murray won with style and panache and no small measure of dignity in the Men’s Open while the amazing Gordon Reid won the Men’s Wheelchair Singles event.

I don’t know how many of you watched that fantastic game but it was a stunning display of speed dexterity and style.

A most humbling spectacle for us who do not have the challenges Gordon and his tennis colleagues face.

The haar/fog put in an appearance on Saturday in the Gents Cancer Care Charity Stableford and although there was a temporary halt in proceedings, most went on to enjoy their golf and some exceptionally fine scores were returned:

Gary Graham (43 points), William McEwan, Gary Taylor and Chris Brown (42), Ron Gilmour (41), Graeme Mcfarlane (40). No less than a further 22 golfers scored 36 or more points.

Ladies Section news:

Innes Maj. Final - CSS 67 - K. Groundwater 0; F. Lamont -1; W. Lawrence -3.

Medal CSS 68 - Silver Division - Catherine Duncan (13) 67; W. Lawrence (11) 67; F. Sim (11) 72. Bronze Division - E. Thomson (27) 67; J. Bradford (22) 69; K. Groundwater (24) 73.

The ladies also had a very successful outing to Newburgh on Tuesday, mist dodged the rain and Kathleen Groundwater won with 34 pts.