The latest going ons from Stonehaven Golf Club

Stonehaven Golf Club
Stonehaven Golf Club

With the course being closed on the weekend of March 4 and 5, all hopes for final qualification lay on week 22.

Leaders in the Scratch Doubles this week, with gross 59, were K Riddell/R McAllan which secured them a place in the top four ahead of their playing partners G McFarlane/C MacKay with their equally impressive 61, whose average of 63.2 was not enough this year to qualify.

K Douglas / B Ferguson also carded a 61 on the final day. B McGillivray & S Dempster having held the trophy for the last 2 years will be handing over to a new winner in 2017.

Qualifiers for the Final on 18th March: N Irvine / H Roulston (61.4), Gr Adamson / W Pittendreigh (61.5), K Douglas / B Ferguson (61.7) & K Riddell / R McAllan (63.0).

In the Handicap Doubles this week a supreme 55 saw J Neal / D S Henderson jump up into the top 4 and pushing M Halliday / S Campbell (despite a 59 from them) down into 5th place by 1 shot. Very tough competition. 2nd place N MacArthur / M Griffin sealed their place in the final with a 57 and A Barnett / T Simpson with a 58. The winners from 2016 have both qualified with different playing partners. Will either Neil or Douglas take home the trophy again or will it go to someone new?

Qualifiers for the final on 18th March: K Duncan / I Wood (55.8), N MacArthur / M Griffin (56.3), A Barnett / T Simpson & J Neal / D S Henderson (both on 57.2)

In the Singles (Stableford) league, the top 8 players actually remained unchanged on the final day although Russell Duncan with 38 points secured his top 8 place posting only his 10th round, a great accomplishment being competitive in this field with only 10 rounds played.

Malcolm Ritchie led the way with 41 points and K Duguid, S McGhie, G Docherty & A F Murray all with 39 points. Will Malcolm retain his Winter League Singles crown in 2017?