Royal upset form book to beat Chiefs

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Royal upset the form book in the Mearns Pool League on Monday when they beat Anchor Chiefs 7-5.

Redhall marched on at the top with a big win at the Harbour and with Scots Corner not in action, Sally took advantage of the Chiefs losing by beating Drumlithie to go second.

Results: Western 5 Crown 7; Harbour 3 Redhall 9; Anchor Kings 7 Cutty Sark 5; Drumlithie 4 Sally 8; Royal 7 Anchor Chiefs 5.

The league now goes into a festive break. The unbeaten Redhall are top with 23 points from 12 games with Sally four points behind them.

Scots Corner have 18 points from 11 games and the Chiefs 17 from 12. Harbour are next with 13 points, Crown are on 11 and Royal are on ten from 11 games.