Stonehaven pair glide their way to success

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Two youths from Stonehaven are flying high after gaining a internationally recognised award in gliding.

Keiran McGregor and Alistair Cunnignham, both 18, did their five hour ‘gold’ duration flights at Deeside Gliding Club.

Keiran just missed the Diamond height by just 1500 ft and Alistair flew west to within 10 miles of Aviemore and then back to the club.

The gold certificate in gliding is an internationally recognised award, comprising three ‘legs’.

The Stoney pair have now both completed two legs, the height gain after a launch of over 3000 meters, and now the duration flight.

The remaining leg is a 300km cross country flight, but that will have to wait until nearer the summer when there is longer daylight.

The club was in constant contact with them via radio from the clubhouse, and provided a countdown so they did not have to endure the freezing temperatures at height longer than necessary for the award.