Stonehaven Running Club prizegiving night

Stonehaven Running Club held its annual prizegiving ceremony at the Town Hall last Saturday, combined with a ceilidh with the band Clatterin Kist.

Wednesday, 17th January 2018, 4:37 pm
Updated Wednesday, 17th January 2018, 4:47 pm

Much fun was had by all and prizes were awarded to club members as follows:

Men’s Championship - 1, Jason Kelly; 2, Scott Sell; 3, David Henderson.

Ladies Championship - 1, Rebecca Bryce; 2, Nicola Rhind; 3, Louise Kelly.

Improvers Cup - 1, Jane Weir; 2, Aude Chaiban; 3, Karen Sell.

Club Standards

The basic idea of a club standard is to give all members the opportunity to work towards a ‘standard’ based on a performance level for your age. The World Association of Veteran Athletes (WAVA) produces detailed tables of age-grading for each distance and age. The club then use these tables to produce a percentage for each formal race entered which is considered to be an equivalent age-group performance rating.

Gold Standard (complete six formal events, one of which must be a minimum of a marathon, four of which must be over 70% WAVA) - Michael Barker, Jason Kelly, Louise Kelly.

Silver Standard (complete five formal events, one of which must be a minimum of a half marathon, three of which must be over 60% WAVA) - Rebecca Bryce, Elaine Crawford, Ann Gallon, Charles Howorth, Ishbel Howorth, John Ritchie, Scott Sell, Alisdair Steel, Keith Stewart, Bill Watson.

Bronze Standard (complete four formal events, one of which must be a minimum of a 10k, two of which must be over 55% WAVA) - Lesley Cheyne, Duncan MacKintosh, Amy Muir, Kate Robertson, John A Steel.

Star Achievement award winner - Scott Sell. Scott has achieved many personal bests over the course of the past year, over a multitude of distances and terrains, from 5k to 55 miles, and road to hill, showing what hard work, determination and a bit of healthy eating can do for your running ability. He is present at almost every club session so is a well-known face in the club and is always welcoming to new members.

Scott has reinvented the Monday night headtorch trail sessions. These provide club members with something a bit different from the other sessions during the week, improving trail and headtorch confidence among attendees and also championing the highest mean number of muddy falls per head per session.

Stonehaven Running Club welcomes runners of all abilities and offers a friendly environment where people can run for fun or competition. Read more at www.