Stoney Girls in action

The Stonehaven Youth girls under 15 played in two matches in the last week. Unfortunately the girls lots out on both ocassions but they played well and showed some real skill on the pitch.


SQUAD Danni Imray, Daisy Smith, Shannon Brawley, Heather Mackay, Sarah Kelly ( cpt) , Katy Townsend, Sophie Evans, Amber Mainland, Lisa Porter, Emily Grundy, Amy Tench, Aria Kennedy , Edith Duff, Ann Laing

Stoney faced the top girls side in the north of Scotland with a degree of trepidation and they appeared to weather the storm in the first 15 mins . Suddenly however the little triangles of Aberdeen punctured the hard working defence of Smith , Brawley, Kelly and Mackay. Before long Aberdeen were about 5 goals to the good. Duff came on as Stoenys permitted overage player and Laing dropped back into midfield and toney started to battle back. Kennedy was sent away by Grundy on the right and flashed a cross that Porter controlled in front of goal before being crowded out. Stoney then won a freekick taken by Mackay and then Porter sent in Kennedy to slide in the first league goal conceded by Aberdeen this year. Kennedy and Porters pace was starting to cause problems and Kennedy again went close before Aberdeen rounded off the half with a late fortunate penalty and another goal.

In the second half the defence of Stoney was outstanding with Imray excellent in goal and Mainland , Tench and Evans came on to great effect. Townsend got stronger as the game went on and twice tested the keeper as she started to link with Laing as Stoney began forcing Aberdeen back. Only a couple of wonder strikes beat Stoney as they took great pride in a wonderful second half .

PLAYER OF MATCH - Young Sophie Evans all action style allowed midfielders Laing and in form Townsend the space to get forward and take the game to Aberdeen and release flair players Kennedy and Porter in attack.

MAGIC MOMENT - Kennedys goal which allowed Stoney the rare honour of scoring against this excellent team.


SQUAD Danni Imray, Amber Mainland , Shannon Brawley, Heather Mackay, Sarah Kelly ( cpt), Katy Townsend, Sophie Evans, Ann Laing, Lisa Porter, Emily Grundy, Aria Kennedy, Amy Tench, Kirsten Johnston.

This was the battle of Stuartfield as a young Stoney team took the game to a Buchan team on average a year and a half older than Stoney . Imray gave the team easrly confidence with her solid handling in goal .Mainland , Brawley , Mackay and Kelly kept the Buchan forwards at bay and the wide midfielders of Grundy and Laing were influential in puting in speedsters Kennedy and Porter time after time. Townsend and her less experienced sidekick Evans were matching the older Buchan central midfielders and Townsend went close with a long run before being crowded out just as she set herself to shoot. Porter and Kennedy were in a couple of times each on Buchans keeper one on one focing saves and narrowly missing as Buchans defence couldn’t handle their directness. Unfortunately all trhe Stoney pressure came at a price with Buchan ( after a clever tactical switch )scoring two classic counterattacking goals.

Johnston came on to add her strength to the defence to great effect and Tench came on to add her energy to the midfield as Stoney kept pressing.

How half time arrived with Stonehaven behind was a mystery but the second half was a very different game. The second half was preety even with Buchan possibly shading it. Neither side carved out any real chances however Stoneys flying wingers Kennedy and Porter were the subject of some hefty challenges and Evans and Townsend in the centre of midfield were battered and bruised. The game fizzled out but Stoneys youngsters will always remember this game as the one when they came of age for the physical battles ahead.

PLAYER OF MATCH Laing was much more influential working herself back into form however the sheer physical battles in the game suited Kirsten Johnston’s robust style.

MAGIC MOMENT - Townsend playing keepy up with her head as she sought to win a midfield battle before being clattered from behind summed up this ‘beauty and the beast’ game of contrasts showcasing lovely football and thunderous challenges.