Winter League is drawing to a close at Stonehaven Golf Club

With only two more playing weeks to go of the Winter League, things are starting to take shape for the qualifying stages in the second week of March.

A round of 63 for the pairing of Neil Irvine and Harry Roulston, and a 66 for Kevin Riddell and Ross McAllan looks to have secured their positions in the four places which are up for grabs in the scratch doubles competition.

The other two places will be fought out probably from five groups.

Gordon Adamson and Glennie Melvin have only played eight rounds.

However, a round of 65 on Saturday has pushed them right up into contention, along with Stuart Dempster and Barry MacGillivary – who notched up a 66 – with Alan Office and Colin Arthur also managing a 68 to better their standings.

The pairings of Allsop and Lawson and Wood and Duncan each had disappointing 71s, but both groups are still in contention, and they could easily bounce back if they managed to post good scores in the next two weeks.

In the Nett doubles competition, six groups still have a chance to qualify although things could change in this category, dependant on who qualifies from the scratch competition.

Those in contention are Duncan and Wood, Neal and Henderson, McKay and Hepburn, Barnett and Simpson and Deans and McHardy, with the latter posting the best nett of the day with a 55.

With an average points score of 37 over the winter, Mike Rendall and Jim Lonie again look to have qualified for one of the eight spots up for grabs.

However, with quite a few players getting to the magic nine number of rounds this week or next, this category is a bit harder to call.

Duncan Cursiter, who has an average of 36, also looks to have qualified and an average in this region should be the mark for the event.

Leading qualifier scores on the weekend came from Duncan Cursiter with 38 points, one ahead of Derek Freeland and John Findlay.

Meanwhile, Donald Mitchell scoring 36 points should see him get over the qualifying line come March.

However, last year’s defending champion Chris Taylor has made things very difficult for himself, as he currently has only 30 points.

Leading Doubles Contributing Scratch scores: – Irvine and Roulston 63, Go. Adamson and Melvin 65, Riddell and McAllan and Dempster and McGillivary 66, Officer and Arthur 68.

Leading Doubles Contributing Handicap scores: - Deans (17) and McHardy (11) 55, Duguid (12) and Campbell (10) 59, Barnett (13) and Simpson (14) McCoy (13) /C Polson(14) 60, Dempster (5) and McGillivary (5) and MacArthur (17) and Griffin (15) 61.

Leading Singles Contributing scores – D.Cursiter (11) 38 pts, D. Freeland (13) and J. Findlay (13) 37, D. Mitchell(13) 36, B. Andrew (11) , F. Urquhart(11), G. Garden (14), R. Tindall (9), S. McGhie (5) 34.