Hercules Linton remembered

At an event in Inverbervie on Monday (May 15), a double acknowledgement took place in relation to Hercules Linton, the designer of the famous Cutty Sark.

Tuesday, 16th May 2017, 1:16 pm
Updated Tuesday, 16th May 2017, 2:26 pm
Lord Lieutenant of Kincardineshire, Carol Kinghorn, acknowledged the major project work of Inverbervie, Auchenblae and Glenbervie schools, and along with pupils from the three schools, laid flowers at the grave of Hercules Linton in the Old Kirkyard in Inverbervie. The Lord Lieutenant and pupils are pictured with project director Dave Ramsay by the grave of Hercules Linton designer of the famous tea clipper Cutty Sark.

Lord Lieutenant of Kincardineshire, Carol Kinghorn, acknowledged the major project work of three schools, and along with pupils, laid flowers on the grave of Hercules Linton in the Old Kirkyard in Inverbervie. Linton died on the May 15 1900, making this the 117th anniversary of his death.

Bervie, Auchenblae and Glenbervie schools, have been working on a Cutty Sark Project since August 2016, which is now coming to the final stages of development.

Mearns Heritage Services has been leading on the project, and Project Director Dave Ramsay decided to solve the problem of a lack of premises by creating the Cutty Sark Virtual Museum.

Generous sponsorship by Fotheringham Property Developments, means that Mearns Heritage Services now has an established property development partnership to move the project forward, and utilise all their technical skills, knowledge and experience in the bid to find a suitable location for a Cutty Sark Museum, which would not necessarily have to be in Inverbervie, although that would have been the preferred option.

Meanwhile the three schools began their different research strands for the Museum website, on Linton, Robert Burns and Glenbervie where the Burns family originally farmed.

Dave Ramsay Project Director said “I wanted to tell the Cutty Sark story in the Scottish dimension, creating an integrated approach to all of these strands, both for the website and later for an actual Museum.”

With help from Aberdeenshire Council Museum Services, who loaned two glass bottle models of the Cutty Sark to Bervie schools, local historian Nigel Simpson, and researcher David Fyffe from Arbroath, and other visiting specialists, a brand new set of information has been uncovered.

The World President of the Robert Burns Federation visited Glenbervie School last year for a commemorative event, and to learn more about the Project and the local history of the ancestors of Burns in Glenbervie.

This information is being put together by George McGillivray web designer, Stonehaven, who has already created specialist heritage websites, along with graphic designer Alan Brown, from Garvock, making this a highly specialised local development team.

The pupils have made a tremendous contribution to new information, and Head Teachers and staff have been able to maximise this within the Curriculum for Excellence. What is more important is that these pupils now have a more informed appreciation of their rich local and national heritage, and a renewed sense of civic pride.

The Lord Lieutenant of Kincardineshire, Carol Kinghorn said “Schools have a huge part to play in their own local heritage, and I know that this project could never have happened, if it had not been for the willingness and enthusiasm of the Head Teachers, class teachers, and most of all, you the pupils of Bervie, Auchenblae and Glenbervie Schools.”

“You have worked on this Project since August 2016, and what you have achieved is a piece of history about to be told in a very different way, and you have every right to be proud of your contribution, for you as pupils, your schools, and local and national heritage connections with Hercules Linton. Well done.”

Project Director Dave Ramsay said “I have previously worked with all three schools on various projects, but this one, due to direct local involvement with visiting local specialists, and the integrated approach in telling so many strands of the Cutty Sark story in the Scottish dimension, has been an absolute winner. Head Teachers, class teachers and pupils all had a really positive “can do” attitude and this has produced an enormous amount of work and detail to populate the website,”

The event was held to acknowledge the work of the three schools, and a remembrance of Hercules Linton. The website will be launched on the November 22 2017 to coincide with the launching of the Cutty Sark in Dumbarton on that very date in the year 1869.

On the August 14, Ronan Littlejohn, and his friend Gary from the Anchor Hotel, Johnshaven, have agreed to do a sponsored cycle ride from Inverbervie to Dumbarton to celebrate the Cutty Sark links, and to raise funds for the Cutty Sark Museum project.