Marykirk Raft Race was a rip roaring success

The 2014 Marykirk Raft Race in full swing.
The 2014 Marykirk Raft Race in full swing.

The annual Marykirk Raft Race, complete with home-made vessels and crews in fancy dress, was once again a rip roaring success.

The winners of this year’s raft race were ‘The Steaming Floaters’ who, despite the river being very low, still managed to finish in an amazing 31 minutes.

Committee member Kerri Duncan said: “The river bank was full of some very well constructed rafts and the effort put into costumes by competitors was just brilliant!

“The day of the event was lovely and there was a very good turnout in the park afterwards.

‘‘The new activities this year - which included the rodeo bull, climbing wall and the piano smash - went down a treat and really added to the atmosphere of the event.

‘‘A special thank you to Mr Henderson, Clarence Murray, DC Gardening Services, Dave Cummings, Smarta Drive, Newlife, Blaze, Mearns Hardware and the Marykirk Hotel for all of their sponsors and support in order for us to allow the day to have happened.

‘‘The committee would also like to say a big thanks to for providing free wifi in the park on the day, and to MSG Events for providing the bar.

‘‘A huge thank you to everyone who came along and supported us on the day - we are sure that CHAS, Carronhill School and all of the other local groups and charities will be very grateful for this.”