Mearns Camera Club focus on treasure

members of the Mearns Camera club relax after a day of shooting
members of the Mearns Camera club relax after a day of shooting

Mearns Camera Club held its annual knockout competition at the regular club meeting in the Community Centre in Stonehaven on Monday.

Members could submit up to five digital images which were shown in pairs with one being voted out until there was only one left.

There were five sections, with the winner of each being voted into the final.

The members then voted for the best one in the final to be the overall winner.

Congratulations to Linda Johnstone who was the overall winner with her image called Blue Boy.

The final results were as follows:

1 Linda Johnstone - Blue Boy, 2- Alan Gawthorpe – Red Squirrel, 3 Russell Adams – Woodshed, 4 John McSevney - Redshanks, 5 Iain Wood – Gondolas at Dawn

The group also held their treasure hunt in which 15 hardy souls turned out for the annual Mearns Camera Club event last Sunday.

The treasure hunt was held at Dunkeld and the Hermitage in Perthshire.

A spokesperson said: ‘‘The weather was mixed to say the least, sas each team tried to complete the list of 30 images that Secretary Pat Copner had devised for them to take.

‘‘The Perthshire countryside was bathed in autumn colours but the inclement weather tested the skills of the members to capture the best the countryside had to offer plus a few quirky items in the list which inspired a certain amount of creativity.

Each team’s 30 images will be judged at one of the regular club sessions in Stonehaven community centre on December 9.

The group meets on Monday nights from 7.30-9.30pm in Stonehaven.

For more information on the Mearns Camera Club, including their syllabus and contact information, visit their website at: