Skateraw Fair appeal

Skateraw Fair has been a regular fixture in Newtonhill for over 30 years
Skateraw Fair has been a regular fixture in Newtonhill for over 30 years

Newtonhill Village Association are appealing for volunteers to come forward to help organise the annual Skateraw Fair, a highlight in the village calendar.

The Fair had to be cancelled in 2015 due to a lack of support, and with many of last year’s committee members stepping down, it is hoped that enough people can come forward to make sure the event goes ahead this year.

NVA Treasurer, Lynne Riach said: “Skateraw Fair has been taking place in Newtonhill for over 30 years, and in that time we have seen many changes to the format, expanding from one day to a full week of events.

“The fair is always very well supported by all members of the village community, and so if you have attended an event and would like to give a little back, read on.

“Due to a few committee members standing down or not being available this year, we are putting out a call for some new volunteers.

“We are looking for a Chairperson to lead the team, and also team leads for football, the beer tent, the seniors’ party, the Fair day and the Fair dance. “There are a few committee members who will be able to show our new volunteers the way, with help and support. The Fair is always looking to develop and the committee would welcome new ideas.

“In 2015 the Fair was cancelled due to a lack of volunteers. If you feel you would like to help, the committee meets on the first Wednesday of each month at 8pm in the Bettridge Centre kitchen area.”

The next committee meeting is at 8pm next Wednesday, February 1.