And now, introducing Searching for Donkeys

Searching for Donkeys
Searching for Donkeys

You may have heard the name before, you’ve probably used it in a sentence and you may have seen our report a few weeks back.

‘Searching for Donkeys’ are four lads from Inverness who won the right to play at Open Air in the Square at Hogmanay.

The four-piece comprises Graeme Gilchrist on guitar and vocals, Gordon Ross on lead guitar and backing vocals, Colin Larkman on bass and Barry MacFarlane on drums. They have been together for two years now and pinching themselves at the biggest gig to date in under a week.

The Leader caught up with the band last week to see what they were looking forward to on Hogmanay, asking them how the band name came about.

Barry told us: “ We were literally “Searching For Donkeys” for a name as in searching for a long time.

‘‘We were sitting round having a few beers to decide a name as we had our first gig coming up.

‘‘Gordy pipes up:P ‘We’ve been Searching for Donkeys for a name,’ and we went with it as a name for our first gig.

‘‘It’s grown on us now, and into different aspects of the band. We’re collectivity known around the other bands in town as the donkeys, and our practice room is affectionately know as Donkey HQ.

“We were stunned and absolutely delighted when they called out Searching For Donkeys. But I’m not sure if sharing the stage with Simple Minds has quite sunk in yet, and it’ll probably not until we’re up on staging playing.”

The band will be making their way to Stonehaven for a sound check in the afternoon of Hogmanay and looking forward to getting a feel for the stage before the gig.

When asked what they are expecting from the crowd, Barry added: “There’s going to be a good crowd, biggest we’ll have ever played for.

“We’ve got a good bunch of tunes to get the Hogmanay party off with a bang, and with Simple Minds, The Dangleberries and Trail West, they’re in for a good night.”