Stonehaven walking tour takes first steps

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Religious strife, the BBC and deep fried Mars Bars are some of the subjects that feature in a new walking tour of Stonehaven.

Scot Free Tours started doing tours in Stonehaven in June, focusing on the town’s history, in particular its surprising, gruesome and quirky stories.

Leaving from Stonehaven’s Market Square every Sunday, the tours are free of charge, although customers are encouraged to make a donation at the end if they enjoyed the tour.

Lia Sanders, company founder and tour guide, said: “We have had a really good response so far. There has been a nice mix of tourists, day-trippers from Aberdeen and Stonehaven locals. Some people who have come on the tour have lived in Stonehaven their entire lives and some have just moved to the area that very week - but all of them have said that they have learnt something new about Stonehaven by coming on the tour. Because the tour is free, customers do not have to shell out money beforehand for an experience that may be a disappointment. Instead they get to decide how much they would pay for the tour at the end – meaning that we have a real incentive to give the best tour we can!”

Scot Free Tours started last summer, doing one tour a week in Aberdeen. Since then it has expanded to doing weekly or bi-weekly tours in Dundee and St Andrews as well as Stonehaven and Aberdeen. A Stonehaven tour takes place every Sunday at 12 noon. The tour lasts for 90 mins. For more information visit