Baking cakes brings community together


Children from the Simpsons Playhouse nursery made a special delivery to staff and users of The Bungalow in Stonehaven recently.

The Bungalow is a small purpose built care home for adults with Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities (PMLD), and after spotting an apple tree in the grounds on a walk past the facility, the children came up with the idea of baking an apple crumble and presenting it to those at the Bungalow.

Unfortunately by the time they had written to ask permission, all the apples were gone, and it looked like the plan would have to wait until next year.

Simpsons staff wer then suprised by a knock on the door. One staff member explains: “A lovely man called Peter knocked at the door. He told us he is the delivery driver at the Co-op on David Street. He said he gets donations from his customers which he saves up to give back to the community. He heard about our trip to pick apples, and offered to use the donation to buy us the ingredients to bake some yummy cakes instead. We thought this was a really kind thing to do so we wrote a list and headed to the shop! The boys and girls were very thankful to Peter and his manager Euan Ross, for giving us this lovely opportunity; they couldn’t wait to get back to nursery to bake some fairy cakes!”

The children took the cakes they made up to The Bungalow to share them with others in the community.

The children were given a tour of the facility where they met some of the service users. They also got to see their sensory houses and were invited to a story session.

The children really enjoyed the visit to the bungalow and feel very proud of the cakes they made. They gave the cakes to Michael Riddell, Nicolle Siliwoniuk and service user Abigail Burrows, who were very thankful for the effort and thought that went into the cakes. The children are looking forward to their next visit already.