Opera event for festival launch

Children arriving for a pop-up opera performance
Children arriving for a pop-up opera performance

The 2019 Aboyne and Deeside Festival opens with the return of Scottish Opera’s pop-up opera in Aboyne. 

There will be three sessions on the Green on Thursday, June 27.

Two of these, A Little Bit of Magic Flute and  ‘A Little Bit of Iolanthe’, are creatively written 25-minute versions of the full adult operas, while ‘Puffy McPuffer’ and the ‘Crabbit Cannals’ have been created especially for 5-8-year-olds from Aboyne Primary.

The Iolanthe performance takes place at 6pm and A Little Bit of Magic Flute at 7.30pm.

The performance of the children’s opera for Aboyne Primary School is at 2.30 pm.

This will be the festival launch event. The full 2019 programme is available at www.AboyneAndDeesideFestival.org.uk.