Painted Rocks craze sweeps Stonehaven

Linda Sutherland with her children Freya (10), Murray (8) and Katie (5).
Linda Sutherland with her children Freya (10), Murray (8) and Katie (5).

A new craze is sweeping families in Stonehaven.

If you have been out and about in the town over the last few weeks you may have seen painted rocks adorning the walls, seafront, parks, woods and streets of the town.

And with over 1000 people now part of a dedicated Facebook group, ‘Stonehaven rocks - paint, hide and find’, the hobby is going from strength to strength.

A message on the page explains the game which has taken the town by storm: “This is a group for people who live in or are visiting Stonehaven to join in some free fun. Adults and children can join in.

“The idea is that you collect or buy some stones, rocks or shells. Either paint or draw on some cute designs or messages on one side. On the reverse side write a message such as ‘Stonehaven Rocks. Find on Facebook. Keep or re-hide me.’

“Post on Facebook ‘Stonehaven Rocks’ - a picture and hide. You then leave them around or hide them for others to find. If you find one, add a photo and message to the page. Then either re-hide or keep it. You can make some yourself to hide.

“Please spread the word so lots of people can join in. When you make a set of stones to hide why not post a photo on Facebook with a clue to where they will be hidden?”

The group was started by Linda Sutherland, who grew up in Stonehaven but now lives in Kirkcaldy with her husband and three children - Freya (10), Murray (8) and Katie (5).

Linda told the Leader: “I started the Stonehaven rock group on September 4 2017.

“We currently have just over 1000 members. I am always looking for ways to get children outdoors.

“As a family we love Geocaching and have been been doing that for five years now. When we were in Stonehaven over summer, we collected some rocks to decorate. My children bought some Sharpies and that’s how it started for us.

Linda has also set up a group in Fife. She added: “I set up Fife Rocks initially on 1st September. It has 1400 members. We have hidden rocks in Stonehaven and loads in Fife. After a bit of research, I discovered there are rock groups across the world. It’s a huge thing. My family and I are delighted to be part of something that involves getting us arty, outdoors and looking for treasure!”

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